10 Things You Never Knew About Harry Styles

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10 Things You Never Knew About Harry Styles

Here are 10 things you’ve probably never known about Harry Styles. Because everyone is such a Harry fan, I had to find something new to add to the list. Here’s my top ten! I hope you enjoy it and are inspired to find out more about Harry himself.

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1. He gave pizza to the homeless as he drove across Los Angeles.

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Harry has a heart of pure gold. On his one day off, he reportedly spent £3,000 on pizza and drove through the streets of Los Angeles distributing it to the poor. What a kind way to give back to the community!

2. Harry Enjoys Butter in His Coffee

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The bullet diet is a health tip that many professionals use that includes mixing good fat (butter) into your morning coffee, which is said to give you more energy for the entire day. If you haven’t heard of it yet, let us present it to you. Given his hectic schedule, Harry adheres faithfully to this diet.

3. He’s an Expert Pizza Baker

Think again if you believed Harry couldn’t get much better! The national darling is a pizza making prodigy. He knows how to make dough perfectly because he previously worked at a bakery!

4. Before The X Factor, Harry Played in a Band

Prior to competing on The X Factor and being thrust into One Direction, Harry Styles was a member of the rock/indie group The White Eskimos. Together, the White Eskimos won a competition, giving Harry the confidence he required to perform on national television.

5. He’s terrified of snakes.

Although Harry doesn’t have many fears, snakes are unquestionably at the top of the list. Actually, we don’t blame him! Who wants a serpent that slithers around them?

6. Harry Enjoys a Comedy

One more thing about Harry that will increase your admiration for him! A fantastic romantic comedy is among the super-cool artist’s favorite things. When watching Love Actually with the 1D boy, we would be content to cuddle up together.

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7. A mattress was his first significant purchase.

Here is some Hazza-related facts you almost likely didn’t know! Harry spent his money on a brand-new mattress instead of the typical Range Rovers and Rolex watches after the 1D song Up All Night placed second in the charts. What a modest man!

8. He Joined Instagram, But His Name Was Already Taken

Harry set his tag as @GiveMeMyNamePlease in an attempt to get his name included as an account on the well-known social media site. It’s obvious that the strategy was successful because the Instagram user gave Harry access to his account by giving him his username.

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9. David Hasselhoff Is His Hero

Hoff is Harry Styles’ greatest inspiration. Harry has something in common with the movie star—we’re not sure if it’s the similarity of their hairstyles or their big shoulders—that he admires. Do you share this amusing knowledge with Hazza as well?

Harry Has More Than 50 Tattoos This famous person has more than 50 tattoos all over his body. His renowned tattoos include a butterfly on his stomach, a birdcage on his ribs, and a crucifix on his heart.

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